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The iPhone 8 could have a design similar to the original iPhone

According to a half-Korean , Apple would be rescuing an old design for its next iPhone. Specifically, the iPhone 8 to be launched in September will feature a design similar to the original iPhone .

iPhone 8 will feature a “Water Drop” design, similar to the original iPhone

The iPhone 8 that will be presented this 2017 will be the one corresponding to the 10th Anniversary . That’s why it wouldn’t be strange if Apple did something special with this iPhone.

The iPhone 8 could have a design similar to the original iPhone
The iPhone 8 could have a design similar to the original iPhone

Well, according to a Korean analyst, this iPhone would have a design that reminds us of the original iPhone. Specifically, the design will be a “Water Drop” design , just as the original provider of this rumor said.

Changes to the design of the next iPhone in 2017

And what will this design look like? Well, this would be a design with a glass body , replacing aluminium as the main material. This glass of the back would have a rounded shape , similar to that of the first iPhone.

Although there will be quite a few differences between that first iPhone and the current one. The most obvious ones have to do with size. First, current iPhones have a screen much larger than the 3.5 inch screens mounted on the first Apple mobiles. Specifically, in the original source they talk about this design being present in the 5.8 inch OLED model, without mentioning the rest.

The other difference has to do with the thickness. This new iPhone 8 would be much thinner . To compensate for this, the rear glass will have a 3D effect on the edges. This way, when viewed from behind it will give a feeling of being thicker and looking more like the current one. However, it will maintain a thickness similar to that of the current iPhone 7.

In addition, another difference between the iPhone 8 and the original would be the materials . While the original used a combination of metal and plastic, this rumored iPhone would use glass. This way, the predominant material would change from aluminum to glass.


As we can see from these rumors , which are still that, rumors, the next iPhone could have a glass design similar to the original. Even so, there is still a lot to know. For example, we don’t know if this rumor applies only to model with OLED screen or if it would be present in all models. I personally believe that this “new” design would only be present on the premium iPhone , if the rumors were true.

What do you think? Would you like an iPhone like this? How would you improve the design of Apple’s smartphones ?

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