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The iPhone 8 could go on sale in September in limited quantities

Apple niega el posible hackeo de iCloud

Por otra parte, la incorporación de nuevas tecnologías sería uno de los principales motivos por los que se dificultaría el proceso de producción del mismo. De esta manera, la estrategia comercial llevada a cabo por la firma sería crucial para sacarle tajada a esta situación.

The iPhone 8 could go on sale in September in limited quantitiesThe iPhone 8 could go on sale in September in limited quantities

Cabe destacar que la reserva de este terminal será muy amplia, por lo que las semanas de espera se convertirán en el pan de cada día de este iPhone 8.

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Every day more and more information is leaked about the next terminal of the Californian company, the more than expected iPhone 8 . Weeks ago it was rumored that the next range of the iPhone would be on the market by October, as we have become accustomed to the apple. Everything is pointing to the fact that this launch will take place a month earlier, being September the date set by Cupertino’s company .

To this day, a lot of rumors have been leaked. Firstly, the OLED screen would be the technology used by this terminal. In addition, the signature would include advanced charging technology. Finally the device would have a dimension of 5.8 inches . The fact is that phablet fever is still present in the smartphone market.

Without a doubt, Apple has surprised us with this new headline. It seems that Cupertino’s people have found a new strategy to improve the impact and sales of the next iPhone . This is because the limited number of units will give rise to exclusivity , for those users who will manage to obtain one during the month of September.

Although the terminal will be presented in that month, it would not be until the fourth quarter when most of its stock would be available in the market.

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