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The iPhone 8 3D sensor is already in the oven


There are many rumors, leaks, models, concepts and prototypes about the 10th anniversary iPhone. Perhaps even more than previous iPhones.

The iPhone 8 3D sensor is already in the oven
The iPhone 8 3D sensor is already in the oven

One of the rumors circulating on the web today has to do with the iPhone 8 cameras. They are expected to have some 3D sensors to provide augmented reality functions and virtual reality .

Well, it seems that the iPhone 8’s 3D sensors would have gone into mass production by now . But even more interesting, Viavi Solutions will provide Apple with optical filters for these sensors.

The analyst who leaked this information is Jun Zhang. According to him, the optical filters of the iPhone 8 3D sensors will become a big demand in the future . For now, Apple has already ordered a good number of them for its 10th anniversary iPhone.

Jun Zhang thinks the iPhone 8’s 3D sensor modules are ready for mass production, just in time for the launch of Apple’s three new iPhones in September.

Most likely, the only iPhone model that incorporates the 3D sensors in its cameras will be the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary. While on the other hand the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will focus their improvements on other minor hardware updates , keeping the same line of design as the iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 will also be wirelessly charged, made of different materials, and have an OLED display covering the entire front of the device. The mystery still lies in the location of the fingerprint sensor.