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The iPhone 7c will arrive in April 2016, according to China Mobile

A couple of weeks ago some information came out that said Apple could present the Watch 2 and the iPhone 6c in an event that would be preparing for March next year. Well, now comes a last rumor from China Mobile, where there is talk of a new Apple device for April 2016 .

Rumors about the iPhone 6c, also called the iPhone 7c in some media, are extremely varied . Some say that it will be made of plastic, others that it will have a metal body, but the latest rumors focus on the latter material. And not only that, there is also more and more talk about the possible date of presentation and launch of this iPhone with 4-inch screen.

The iPhone 7c will arrive in April 2016, according to China Mobile
The iPhone 7c will arrive in April 2016, according to China Mobile

As we said a few moments ago, the latest rumour about the iPhone 7c or 6c comes from China Mobile , where they have made a presentation showing a picture. Supposedly, in this image would appear references to a new Apple device in April 2016, and we say supposedly because in iPadizate we do not know much Chinese, so we can not ensure it.

Will the iPhone 6c or 7c be introduced in April 2016?

In this panel published by China Mobile the word “Apple” would appear in the column where the number 4 appears, which would correspond to the month of April . On the other hand, the letters S7 appear in the third column (March), which suggests that it could be Samsung’s Galaxy S7, planned for those dates.

This rumor adds to previous ones that talk about the possibility of Apple launching a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen . This device is known as iPhone 6c, although some media claim that the model to be presented in April would be the iPhone 7c.

However, this second option is practically impossible, since it would be very rare for Apple to launch a smartphone with this nomenclature (iPhone 7c) on the market at the beginning of the year . For this reason, the iPhone 6c is the name that sounds the strongest.

Some of the possible features of iPhone 6c

From CultofMac remember that according to rumors, the iPhone 6c would have a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels, NFC chip to make payments with Apple Pay, A9 chip processor, Touch ID and 8 megapixel rear camera . In terms of design, it would be made of aluminium and would be similar to the design of the iPhone 5s.