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The iPhone 7 will arrive together with 74 new Emojis in iOS 10

The Unicode Consortium, an organization that coordinates the development of Unicode and UTF characters, has announced that up to 74 new emojis have recently been accepted as candidates for Unicode 9.0. A platform that will be launched in mid 2016.

Therefore, the next Apple iPhone 7 will obviously include new emojis to its extensive list on iOS 10 . And there’s something for everyone! Read on to discover the emojis that Apple may soon be adding.

The iPhone 7 will arrive together with 74 new Emojis in iOS 10
The iPhone 7 will arrive together with 74 new Emojis in iOS 10

It is important to remember that Apple already added many emojis in iOS 8.3 and even implemented a system to change the skin tone to them. And among the new features of iOS 9.1, even more emojis were added: sunglasses, unicorns, a “middlefinger”, tacos, burritos…

New emojis for iPhone 7

Selfies, bacon, carrots, athletes, a “facepalm”, a pregnant woman, the back of a hand, a clown, the sign “call me” (similar to the great Ronaldinho), pancakes (mmmmm… pancakes), and even a paella! Here is a list of the most remarkable emojis from the upcoming Unicode 9.0:

Complete list of the 74 emojis in Unicode 9.0

Aren’t some of them great? Unfortunately Apple probably doesn’t include the 74 new emojis from the Unicode Consortium , so we probably won’t see some emojis like the one for the potato, the one for the egg, or the water polo player. But the most possible is that the emojis of the paella, the avocado, the salad, the man in a suit and the selfie emojis will make it to iOS 10.

Another curiosity about these new emojis for iPhone 7 is that many of them could replace some existing ones , such as the swimming emojis, some fruits, flowers and several animals.

But I’m suddenly struck by a doubt. There are currently two iPhone emojis in iOS and one from the Apple Watch. But will Apple add an iPad emoji in iOS 10? And another one for the Apple TV? One more question: Will we ever see animated emojis on mobile devices with iOS? Time will tell what Apple has in store for us. What emojis are you missing?

Emojis who came to iOS 9

Additionally, we want to share with you a little infographic with some of the emojis that recently arrived to Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Some of them are very funny!

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Finally, we leave you with an interesting video from our iPadizate News section in which we have collected all the rumours about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7: charging by induction, water resistance, virtual Home button and much more. Don’t miss it! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!