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The iPhone 7 is still worth it in 2017, here’s why

¿Hemos vuelto a 2015 con esta gama alta?

En otras palabras, el iPhone 7 está a la altura de los más grandes del momento , tanto en los apartados multimedia como en potencia. Cierto es que los marcos, tanto el inferior como el superior, dejan bastante que desear, pero ante la más que probable subida de precio del próximo terminal de los de Cupertino, el iPhone 7 se perfila como uno de los mejores smartphones de gama alta que comprar hoy en día.

The iPhone 7 is still worth it in 2017, here’s whyThe iPhone 7 is still worth it in 2017, here’s why

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After the MWC, the mobile landscape has been a bit rocky. It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming to reign supreme, but both this terminal and the latest bets from LG and Huawei do not represent a radical change from the previous generation . However, it does not seem that this will change, but it will certainly be the general trend for at least the first half of 2017. Will this be the time to buy an iPhone 7?

I don’t want to seem like another fanboy of Apple – in fact I’m closer to the opposite side – but it must be acknowledged that the work they did on the iPhone 7 was sublime . If this terminal could already stand up to the Samsung Galaxy S7 perfectly, it does not lag behind its successor. The evolution of the Snapdragon 821 to the 835 has not been as evident as we had hoped. Both processors, as well as the Apple A10 chip have more than enough power for practically any task we demand of them.

We have also seen how, with the latest devices presented, the advances in mobile photography have been practically nil . Yes, it is true that the implementation of the double camera is being improved, as in the case of the LG G6, or in a greater focal aperture, but we have not seen any revolution as was carried out in the previous generation.

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