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The iPhone 6s would mount 1GB of RAM again. Is that enough?

Most of the rumors of the last weeks assured that the next iPhone would have 2 GB of RAM. Now a piece of evidence seems to throw this information away and claims that the iPhone 6s will have 1 GB of RAM , the same amount as the current model.

In particular, an assumption has appeared in the popular Geekbench 3 performance test. In the results of this test you can see that the device would mount 989 MB of RAM (almost 1 GB). Of course we can’t take anything for granted at the moment, as there is no official confirmation that the information on the performance test site is correct.

Is 1GB of RAM enough on iPhone 6s?

The iPhone 6s would mount 1GB of RAM again. Is that enough?
The iPhone 6s would mount 1GB of RAM again. Is that enough?

There has long been a debate over whether 1GB of RAM is enough for the iPhone or whether this capacity really needs to be expanded.

If we take a look at what other manufacturers are doing we see that Samsung already announces devices with up to 4 GB like the Note 5 . In addition, many other manufacturers have long since passed the 2 GB barrier and it seems that they do not plan to change in the near future. Apple, on the other hand, has chosen to continue with a rather moderate amount of RAM and instead opt for better software optimization (something that other manufacturers cannot do, since they use an operating system developed by third parties). So far this strategy has worked quite well for Apple and if the information from the performance test is correct, it seems that it could be repeated with the iPhone 6s.

Is that really enough this time? The iPad Air 2 has had nearly 2GB of RAM for almost a year now and will be the only device that supports split-screen multitasking coming with iOS 9. So the question is quite obvious, would the life of the iPhone 6s be limited by the assumption that it has only 1 GB of RAM? Would it make its upgrade cycle less than the 3-4 years of the devices the company has released so far?

As we don’t have the official information it is difficult to answer these questions, but we certainly see more and more clearly that maybe the company should mount a little more RAM on the devices. After all, we don’t think it will make a big difference to them in terms of production costs.

The so-called iPhone 6s would be codenamed iPhone8,2 and the SOC A9

In addition to the information about RAM, the Geekbench 3 test also gives us some information about the supposed iPhone 6s . Specifically, it reveals that the code name would be iPhone8.2, in addition to the rumored 2.0 GHz SOC (System on Chip) A9. Finally, the device on which the test was performed would logically have one of the iOS 9 betas installed.

Do you think it’s enough that the iPhone 6s has 1 GB of RAM? Do you see the need for Apple to expand it to 2GB?