The iPhone 6s, Slightly Thicker and Longer than the iPhone 6

We’ve been hearing for some time now about Apple using the new 7000 series aluminium to make the case of the new iPhone 6s to avoid the problem of the bendgate. The use of this material, together with the Force Touch technology, would make the iPhone 6s slightly thicker and longer than the current model of the smartphone , a rumour that becomes even stronger after seeing the latest filtered images.

Recently a series of photographs have been published showing the back of an iPhone 6s where you can see how it would be slightly larger than what has been talked about recently. Below we show you what the measurements of the iPhone 6s would be and how it would differ from the current iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6s would be a bit bigger and thicker than the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6s, Slightly Thicker and Longer than the iPhone 6
The iPhone 6s, Slightly Thicker and Longer than the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6s would be 7.08 mm thick instead of 6.9 mm . This would confirm previous rumors that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus would be 0.2 millimeters thicker than current models.

On the other hand, as far as the length and width of the new iPhone 6s are concerned, it seems that there will also be a slight increase in dimensions. Thus, the new Apple flagship with 4.7-inch screen would be 138.19 millimetres long and 67.68 millimetres wide , while the current model is 138.1 and 67 millimetres respectively.

If we look back you’ll see how the guys at Unbox Therapy, who had the chance to get their hands on a rear case of the iPhone 6s about a month ago, measured it a little differently. So we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday for Apple to get us out of doubt in the Keynote when it will give us all its features.

Will the iPhone 6 cases and covers work for the iPhone 6s?

MacRumors says the existing iPhone 6 sleeves and cases could fit the new model, as long as they are not too tight, as there could be problems fitting them. However, there is nothing to worry about, since the accessory manufacturers are already working on launching new cases and casings for the future iPhone 6s that is about to land on the market.

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