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The iPhone 6 with sapphire display will be more expensive

Rumors about iPhone 6 and some of its components are growing as its launch date approaches, scheduled for September 9th . The latest rumour we present today concerns the screen, and the material that has been confirmed and denied according to which rumour, that will equip for it the iPhone 6, the so desired sapphire crystal .

The Wall Street Journal , an American newspaper of international prestige, especially in the analysis of the economy and economic news, and also in everything related to the large multinationals in any sector, published a report yesterday in which it spoke of two important points regarding the iPhone 6 and the sapphire screen .

The iPhone 6 with sapphire display will be more expensiveThe iPhone 6 with sapphire display will be more expensive

Firstly, assumed that Apple would equip its devices with sapphire glass , something that was not yet confirmed despite numerous rumours pointing in this direction. Since this is such an important source, we can begin to believe that it will be, although as we will see in the next paragraph, having an iPhone 6 does not guarantee that we will be able to enjoy the hardness and other properties that this material is supposed to have.

Secondly, and in relation to the previous paragraph, Apple will only equip with sapphire the most expensive terminals in its entire range , so the price to pay for having an iPhone 6 with sapphire glass will be quite prohibitive for many users, who will have to settle for buying an iPhone 6 with screens that are simply an evolution of the current materials.

In conclusion, Apple would bet on creating a premium range of devices , which would have a higher cost, and that would not only be for having access to a greater storage, but also, for being able to enjoy the advantages of new materials such as sapphire glass.

As other rumors have also stated and to finish, we have to say that Apple seems to be having trouble stockpiling enough and necessary sapphire glass to manufacture its new iPhone 6, so it seems that there may be some delay over the date scheduled for the release of the iPhone 6 models with sapphire glass.