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The iPhone 6 We’re All Waiting to See

Some time ago we showed you one of the best concepts of iPhone 6 we had seen so far, both for the ideas shown and for the great quality of the images. Today we bring you that same concept with a small update of its initial concepts, some of them really interesting.

Among the new ideas we can see the second generation Retina technology , a REALD layer for the screen and a slightly modified version of iOS with different icons than those shown by Apple in iOS7 (some of them deserve to be studied very seriously by Cupertino’s).

The ultimate iPhone 6 concept: amazing design, Retina Display 2, REALD layer and new iOS interface

The iPhone 6 We’re All Waiting to See
The iPhone 6 We’re All Waiting to See

The concept belongs to the designer Johnny Plaid and, as we could already see in the original model, the first thing that catches our eye is its great design. The screen reaches the very edge of the device to make the most of the size of the terminal, a practice that reminds us of the screen of today’s iMacs.

On the back, the designer has chosen to make it completely smooth and to dispense with the bevelling that Apple has incorporated into the iPhone 5. Another new feature is that the LED flash is no longer located next to the camera, but has been moved to the top right of the device.

This new version of the concept also features Retina Display 2 technology as well as the innovative REALD display system . Certainly, Apple has not updated the quality of its displays for some time now and it’s no wonder that Cupertino’s will soon be launching a new revision.

Instead of the Home button, sensors are located at the bottom of iPhone 6 so that it can be controlled through multi-touch gestures. For example, in Safari we could use them to move forward or backward the page, as well as to perform other functions depending on the application.

As we have seen in iPhone Hacks, the design of iOS is quite different from the one presented by Apple in iOS 7 and it presents interesting proposals in the design of its icons (the one in Contacts and the one in Safari are some of my favorites). Finally, we also see how the Lightning connector has been changed to a hybrid between it and the Magsafe connector of the Mac.

At this point the question is more than obvious. Would you buy this model if Apple launched it?

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