The iPhone 6 could go into production on July 6th

Ozdice: 10 April, 2014 at 2:58

I think that Apple has a 4.7″ model, on the contrary if they get the same two models but one from 5″ and another one from 6.1 or 6. 3″, would have great penetration in the market with the phablets, because nowadays most of the users look for a bigger gadget, with great battery life and that is easy to carry, we have video chats, we write e-mails, we check our social networks, we buy via web, we virtualize our PC with the smartphone, we keep an eye on our business cameras, we edit documents for emergencies or needs, we draw, play, take pictures and edit them, we watch videos and movies, we listen to music, we domotize our home, among other things that I can’t think of right now…

The iPhone 6 could go into production on July 6th
The iPhone 6 could go into production on July 6th

The ease of owning a large smartphone offers a wide range of possibilities that with a 4.7″ screen is made very difficult, in my opinion. In addition; the success of phablets gives us the opportunity to have a single gadget in hand, instead of having the smartphone, tablet or laptop, a music player, etc.

The era of the smartphone and the cloud came to make our lives easier, when before we had to carry a series of devices and bags with documents; today we have only one, data connection and the cloud to store all the documents that used to hinder us and harm our spine.

That’s why my inclination towards a bigger phone with multiple functionalities, already in the past we enjoyed the possibility of having a cell phone the size of a domino stone, but that was long before sms, e-mails, mms, portable internet, etc. Already the human being has advanced many levels and the easiest thing would be to educate people; in a not very distant future nobody will have PCs in their homes but phablets and tablets that give mobility throughout their home without the need for a cable.


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