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The iPhone 5 camera in the open

The iPhone 5 is slowly starting to show its charms. Today we’re going to look at the details of one of the things Apple is most proud of: the camera. Although we’ve known most of its features for months, it’s been nice to see how the final product has turned out so well .

In principle, is quite similar to that of 4S , although it has had to be redesigned to take up less space (remember that iPhone 5 is quite a bit thinner than its predecessor). Instead of increasing the number of megapixels beyond 8 (resolution of 3264×2448), they have worked to improve other aspects that give a higher overall quality to the photographs.

The iPhone 5 camera in the open
The iPhone 5 camera in the open

The focal aperture remains at f2.4, but the shooting speed has been made 40% faster . Also, in low-light conditions, photos will come out better thanks to the new dynamic mode.

In addition, will be able to detect up to 10 faces in the photo , for example to shoot when all of them are smiling. The five lenses that make up the system, as well as the hybrid IR filter, are still present as in the previous model.

Of course, the camera on the new iPhone 5 records video in Full HD (1080p), although the image stability has been improved . In addition, you can take pictures while recording a video, a feature present in many Android phones that users already demanded.

The panorama mode has left all those who have been able to try it speechless . It works very well, and is able to join images in a fluid and natural way to give us photographs that can reach up to 28 megapixels. To do this, it uses the gyro integrated in the terminal.

In short, the iPhone 5 promises to take fabulous photos in almost all conditions , and at a faster rate than the previous model.

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