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The iPhone 4S would not meet expectations in Europe

Apple does not appear to be able to achieve the projected and estimated sales of iPhone 4S in Europe, the opposite of the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. The reasons for this may be diverse, and the economic situation in the Eurozone may be the most striking.

According to Reuters, the iPhone 4S is meeting and exceeding expectations in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom, just the opposite of what is happening in the rest of Europe.

The iPhone 4S would not meet expectations in EuropeThe iPhone 4S would not meet expectations in Europe

To make this statement , the market share achieved in the last three months by the latest Apple smartphone has been compared to the share achieved by the iPhone 4 in the same months last year.

As we have said, the results in countries such as United Kingdom add 10% to their share compared to the same year in 2010, and in the United States it increases by 11% . However, France reflects a loss of 9% , Germany 5% and Italy and Spain, although no exact amount has been shown, confirm the same decline as their neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile, Android is becoming much more popular thanks to manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung, exceeding in most countries the 46% share .

Of course, the Eurozone is going through its lowest moments since it was formed. The crisis is taking its toll and more and more people are thinking about savings rather than spending. We are aware of the magnitude of the situation and prefer to adapt another philosophy with respect to consumption. Realistically, the price of the free terminal is very high , and assuming such a high cost can take its toll on primary needs.

Another cause may be the iPhone 4. If we buy it subsidized through a mobile operator, surely we will have a few months left to fulfill . This prevents us from breaking contracts, thinking, once again, about savings.

The iPhone 4S, although much more powerful than the previous model, still shows the same exterior image as the iPhone 4 . I bet that, if the model had been modified, consumers would have made an extra effort to purchase the new Apple jewel. For a phone they get out every year, it wouldn’t cost them anything to remodel the whole thing.

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