The iPhone 2020’s A14 chips will have a 5 nm architecture

There are still a few months to go before the launch of the new iPhone 2019 or iPhone XI and already rumours have begun to emerge about the processor that will be in the 2020 iPhones. According to information from DigiTimes, the chip that will be incorporated into these future iPhones will have an even smaller construction than we have seen these years, but in 2019 these processors will have no apparent change in their structure.

There have already been many reports that the chip that will be incorporated into the iPhone 2019 will be named the A13 chip that will begin production in the coming months by TSMC. These processors will have a similar structure to the one we saw in the a12 chip, i.e. 7 nanometer architecture.

The iPhone 2020’s A14 chips will have a 5 nm architecture
The iPhone 2020’s A14 chips will have a 5 nm architecture

Although they will be conservative in this respect this year, by 2020 TSMC expects to be able to start receiving orders for processors with a 5 nm architecture, lower than what we are used to at present. This will not translate into improved performance, but it may have a number of improvements that will benefit us as users.

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As we say, although we will be looking at a 5nm architecture, we will not necessarily be looking at a higher processing capacity because of this fact. What it will do is to improve energy efficiency as the transistors are closer together reducing the gaps that separate them. In addition to this reduction in power consumption it also allows for a greater surface area so that more transistors can be added, which will improve performance.

With this in mind, we wonder if it’s worth all the processing power on an iPhone or iPad when it’s so limited at the software level. There is no doubt that we have an incredible hardware in an Apple mobile computer but iOS makes a bottleneck preventing us from exploiting it as it deserves.

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