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The iPhone 12 would have flat edges like the iPhone 4 if we trust this Macotakara model

The well-known Japanese website Macotakara has made a supposedly printed 3D model of one of the iPhones we would see in 2020 . Judging by its appearance, we could be looking at the return of the flat edges that we initially saw with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. A continuation of the design displayed on the iPad Pro in 2018 and which other rumours also point to.

Macotakara is a website that has, on quite a few occasions , advanced features of future Apple products. However, the publication indicates that this 3D printed model comes from a source in Alibaba. So we must take their information with the corresponding dose of skepticism.

New design for the 2020 iPhone

The iPhone 12 would have flat edges like the iPhone 4 if we trust this Macotakara modelThe iPhone 12 would have flat edges like the iPhone 4 if we trust this Macotakara model

Both the video and the images provided by the Japanese media reveal various details. They all revolve around the dimensions and physical appearance of the terminal, which would correspond to the successor to the current iPhone 11 Pro Max . Its screen, therefore, corresponds to 6.5 inches although some rumors place it slightly larger, reaching 6.7 inches.

This could be possible thanks to a reduction of the frames, although it is not clear in the model (Macotakara has stuck a sticker with the current Home on it). In a comparison with the dimensions of the larger model of 2019, the measurements would look like this:

  • Height: 159mm vs 158mm on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Width: 78mm vs 77.8mm.
  • Thickness: 7.1mm vs 8.1mm.

The thickness is striking since it would be reduced by 1mm, although it is not clear whether the publication has taken into account the additional thickness of the camera or not. It is hard to believe that Apple decided to thin its devices so much , with the foreseeable impact on battery life.

But the most interesting thing is to see how this model shows an iPhone with straight sides. It’s a design that would be inherited from the iPad Pro 2018, which in turn we saw for the first time on iPhone 4 in 2010. The iPad has had a more or less rounded design until the current generation, so it could be indicating the future evolution of the next generations of iPhone.

The Smart Connector returns

There are additional changes to the design of this model. According to the comparison, the buttons on the left side have been lowered slightly compared to their position today . The right side also sees both the lock button and the SIM card slot moving downwards.

Here you can see the notch that could indicate the coupling place of the so-called Apple Pencil.

In addition to these changes, you can see a notch reminiscent of the one on the iPad Pro for charging the Apple Pencil. As it is obvious, the Apple Pencil 2 is 166mm, about 10mm more than the terminal, so would not be compatible with it . A new model would be needed that could be attached to the iPhone 12, which would also need to be thinner than the current 8.9mm.

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It’s not the first time we see rumors about an Apple Pencil compatible with the iPhone. We have several generations with previous rumors that place the stylus as an accessory to the Apple terminal, although have never materialized .