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The iPhone 11’s A13 chip would have gone into production by now

The logistics of making a new iPhone is certainly quite tedious because we have to think about the amount of components that an iPhone can have. Each of these components is crucial for the operation of the device and that’s why if one is missing the project will be ruined. That’s why Apple works intensively with suppliers to get the components of their new iPhones on track well in advance of the launch of the new iPhones.

Well, following this from Bloomberg have reported taking as a source the supply chain itself , which would be starting to produce the A13 chips that would incorporate the new iPhone 11 and the new iPhone XR to be presented in September.

The iPhone 11’s A13 chip would have gone into production by now
The iPhone 11’s A13 chip would have gone into production by now

It is true that there are many months left for the presentation and launch of the new iPhone 11 but all the machinery is already in place to provide the necessary components for its manufacture. Right now, as we mentioned, the A13 chip is being produced for the relevant tests and when it is approved, predictably in the coming weeks of May, it will begin to be mass produced.

A7 iPhone 5s chip

The A13 chip is designed by Apple itself and assembled by TSMC. With this new processor from Cupertino’s company, they intend to continue leading the device market in terms of power, as there is no doubt that Apple’s processor is one of the most powerful that we can find, although iOS does not know how to take advantage of its potential as it should. We must remember that this processor will continue to bet on a 7nm architecture although next year we will see a 5nm architecture according to some rumours.

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In addition to knowing that the A13 chips are already in production on the TSMC assembly line, we also know the code names of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. Specifically the successor to the iPhone XS is coded D43 and the new iPhone XR is coded N104. We remind you that rumours are that we will have a new 5.8-inch iPhone XI, a 6.5-inch iPhone XI Max, and a 6.1-inch iPhone XR.

Bloomberg also assures us that their sources say that the new iPhone will have an extra camera that will make the photography experience much better for more detailed results and improved zoom. To this we already add the reversible loading feature that has been talked about ad nauseam and that we take for granted.

In the next few months when the iPhones start being assembled, around July and August, we will see much more consistent rumors and even some photography as we saw last year.

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