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The iPhone 11 would be manufactured in India according to Apple’s plans

It is well known that Apple is investing enough money in India to make new infrastructure in order to move the production of several of its devices to this country. With this movement they seek to avoid the economic tariffs of the United States and also to be able to increase their presence in this country that has an emerging economy but whose inhabitants have problems accessing to buy an iPhone because of its high price.

As reported today by the media ET Telecom, Apple would bet on producing the iPhone 11 in India as it did with the iPhone XR earlier this year which is also produced in this country. It seems that right now Apple is carrying out tests to see if it is possible to produce this equipment in Foxconn’s production line in India.

The iPhone 11 would be manufactured in India according to Apple’s plans
The iPhone 11 would be manufactured in India according to Apple’s plans

The Indian government is trying to attract Apple to its country in order to stimulate the local economy through the construction of large factories that offer jobs to their inhabitants and can develop those areas that are now rural. Having the approval of the Indian government makes this country a great candidate to relocate Apple’s production. There are many rumors that this move will try to avoid the economic tariffs on iPhone exports that may come in the coming months if the trade war continues.

This can obviously also serve to make the price of such equipment in India lower and thus more accessible to users. Right now Apple does not have much presence in this country because its products are too expensive and the purchasing power of this market is really low . With these movements they try to stimulate sales and that’s why Inidia has so far produced economic models such as the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone XR and now the iPhone 11. These are the devices that can be more accessible to this market and we believe that this is the smartest decision that can be made.

In a few years we may see many products with the inscription n ‘made in India’ and not ‘made in China’ especially if Trump goes ahead with the trade war. Although the American president would like production to be ‘made in the USA’, is unlikely because of the tremendously high personnel costs that would cause the price of the equipment to rise too high.

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