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The iPhone 11 is brought to life in these models

Most of the rumors lead us to think about how the new iPhone trio will be released in September . Many designers have taken these rumors and have moved them to models in order to see how the design of this new iPhone would be and if it would be as ugly as we think.

From 9to5mac they have published an interesting video with very realistic models of what these three new iPhones would look like and compare them both in size and in aesthetics of the rear camera with their corresponding models presented in 2018. Below, we will see this video and give our opinion on what we will find in September.

The iPhone 11 is brought to life in these modelsThe iPhone 11 is brought to life in these models

It’s no secret that in this 2019 Apple will opt to make a design change but not from the front of its terminals , but from its rear. Specifically, they are finally going to add a triple camera to the new iPhone 11 and the controversy comes from how the camera module will look, as it seems that it won’t be too pretty to look at.

If we look at the models they have made in 9to5mac we can see that the cameras are like real stickers in the back. Although the successor to the iPhone XR will not have a triple camera, but a double one, we will also see this square model so uncomfortable to look at in order to maintain a uniform design line in the three models. We think that the successor of the iPhone XR should have a camera module similar to the iPhone XS or XS Max but it is normal that they want to differentiate.

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To be honest, this so-called ‘glass-ceramic’ is quite ugly, but we hope that this design hides a big camera that offers us a good image quality and sensors that allow us to play with the conditions. For example, we hope that will improve the pictures in low light environments, a better zoom or a wide angle.

As we say, these are simple models that have attracted a lot of attention since the debate is reopening because of the design that these cameras would have. We must wait and be prudent to September to confirm or not if Apple bets on this design although already the rumors when they lead to this we can not expect too many surprises.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these models, do you think they will fit the reality we will see in September?