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The iPad that overshadowed his older brother’s sales

Nuevos iPad Air 2 y iPad mini 3, primeras impresiones en vídeo

Yes, as you can imagine, we are talking about the iPad mini. That iPad that appeared two years ago and now we see that Apple, at least, has treated it like an ugly duckling, without paying it the attention it deserves. This has been demonstrated during the last Keynote.

The iPad that overshadowed his older brother’s sales
The iPad that overshadowed his older brother’s sales

I confess to being a true lover of the iPad mini, the size of its screen, the feel of its back (I bought the first generation of the model, when the “big” iPad was not yet Air) and to this day I still use it every day, not being envious of its big brother .

But Apple has had a very “ugly” move with the iPad mini and it’s called iPad mini 3 . But I’m afraid, (personal and non-transferable opinion) that Apple has made a mistake from start to finish with this strategy and maybe it could end up backfired.

Apple is scared of the iPad mini, and it’s no wonder. The little brother is out-selling his big brother , this is something that has been seen since the launch of the original iPad mini back in the fall of 2012. A few months after its launch, they saw the wolf’s ears.

The iPad mini, perhaps Tim Cook’s first decision on an Apple product

I don’t know if it was a project that Steve Jobs had in mind, or was it a decision made unilaterally by Tim Cook. We all know Jobs’ opinion about the size of the iPad screen . But the truth is that it really matters very little. The decision was made and now, two years later, we can see its consequences.

The iPad mini update we saw two weeks ago, the iPad mini 3 is an absolute fiasco. It has no other adjective, the only new thing has been the introduction of Touch ID , and even this seems to have been done reluctantly.

Apple has made a decision that the iPad mini and the iPad air will no longer share technical specifications . The iPad air 2 is clearly superior to the iPad mini 3. They haven’t even bothered to improve the display, which didn’t perform very well in some technical tests in colour response.

The move can backfire on Apple

Is it really worth spending 100 euros more to have the possibility to use Touch ID and choose a golden color? The mistake in this whole story (for me) is that Apple still sells the iPad mini retina and does so at a price 100 euros cheaper .

In my opinion this could be dangerous, because we could end up with the iPad mini 2 cannibalizing the sales of the iPad mini 3 . That will only be told by time and if Apple manages to increase the sales of the iPad air with this strategy.

I, at least, in love with the 7 inches, have not managed to charm myself with any of Apple’s alternatives and I’ll stretch the original iPad mini a bit more.

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