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The iPad Pro Would Have Stereo Speakers, According to a Prototype

As of today Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the iPad Pro , a larger version of its tablet. The rumors about this device began a few months ago, but they’re getting stronger. One of the latest ones shows a picture of a prototype of the alleged back case, showing that it would have stereo speakers .

A little over a month ago we showed you a video comparison of a model of the so-called iPad Pro with other Apple devices. Now, thanks to the French publication we can see a new image that would confirm a little more the existence of this tablet that would have a 12.2 inch screen.

The iPad Pro Would Have Stereo Speakers, According to a Prototype
The iPad Pro Would Have Stereo Speakers, According to a Prototype

According to this website, the images come from a reliable source that in the past already leaked sketches of the iPhone 6 that finally turned out to match the final design. That’s why they think it’s very interesting to take into account this prototype of the back of the iPad Pro , although obviously we can’t take it as 100%.

The iPad Pro would have speakers on the top edge

The rendering is quite simple and the image barely lets us see one of the upper corners that would be part of this supposed Apple tablet . In it we see one of the sides of what looks like an iPad Air presumably larger and would be between 6.9 and 7.5 millimeters thick, although we do not see any scale to compare it.

This image shows that the iPad Pro will have stereo speakers. In addition to the one on the bottom next to the Lightning connector it would have another one on the top edge next to the power button.

Obviously, the reliability of this image is questionable, since as we said before Apple has not confirmed its existence . However, it does give us an idea of what the iPad Pro could look like if it finally becomes a reality and reaches the market during 2015.

Is the iPad Pro really on its way?

A while ago we mentioned that Cupertino’s people might be having problems with the production of the iPad Pro screen, which would delay its launch more than expected. Last August a report came out that said that the 12.2-inch tablet would reach the market in early 2015 , but it seems that this will not be the case.

Since 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Values, said that the iPad Pro would have to wait until the second half of the year to reach the market, although he did not give a specific month of its arrival. Finally, remember that there are many who believe that this tablet will finally be the one with real multitasking on a split screen , a feature that users have been asking Apple for some time.

Do you think the iPad Pro will be a reality this year or do you think Apple has no plans to launch a large tablet? Would you buy it or would you prefer a more manageable model?

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