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The iPad Pro could have USB-C, HDR 4K video and horizontal Face ID

iOS 12.1 offers new references to what Apple could show at an event later this month, a brand new iPad Pro completely revamped.

The information has been released by the developer Guilherme Rambo, where he has already reported on other occasions on the revealing messages of Apple’s operating systems focused on new products.

The iPad Pro could have USB-C, HDR 4K video and horizontal Face ID
The iPad Pro could have USB-C, HDR 4K video and horizontal Face ID

The new features contrast with some of the rumours we’ve been hearing over the last few months, of which we hope will be a reality , as the new iPad Pro looks really good. Now we just need to know if Apple will indeed hold a launch event for the month of October.

According to the developer, the new iPad Pro will have a much more powerful and energy-efficient processor A12X . This means we’ll have a truly spectacular device on our hands in terms of specifications.

Thanks to the USB-C connector , one of the possibilities being considered is to connect our iPad Pro to an external monitor. In this way, the freedom of working with an alternative display will help us improve our daily work if we are used to working with larger external displays.

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Another interesting new feature is the possibility of having Face ID working in landscape mode, something that is not yet available on the iPhone, but which would be of special interest on the iPad, since it usually works in landscape mode.

9to5Mac claims to have information about the launch of a new Apple Pencil . This will be launched together with the new iPad Pro, offering a series of interesting improvements, one of them being the pairing between both devices. Something similar to how current AirPods are connected.

If all the data found in the iOS 12 code and the nearby sources that have revealed more information to 9to5Mac are true, strata before a real revolution of the iPad Pro .

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