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The iPad Pro 2018 will arrive with Face ID, USB-C and Apple Pencil 2 according to 9to5mac

Apple left several products in the dust at the Sept. 12 launch that we were all hoping to see as the new iPad Pro and a new entry-level MacBook to finish retiring the MacBook Air. Today 9to5mac has revealed a lot of details about these new iPad Pro that will be presented in an event at the end of October or beginning of November according to most analysts, and that continue to confirm what we were saying. We can already say that with all the analysts agreeing on the same thing, we can take all these ideas for granted.

There are many rumors that we’ve been hearing these months about the new iPad that is supposed to follow the design line of the iPhone X by incorporating a frameless screen to give rise to the expected Face ID and pass to better life the Touch ID that currently incorporates the entire range of iPad.

The iPad Pro 2018 will arrive with Face ID, USB-C and Apple Pencil 2 according to 9to5macThe iPad Pro 2018 will arrive with Face ID, USB-C and Apple Pencil 2 according to 9to5mac

iPad Pro concept Alvaro Pabesio

Face ID can almost be considered as confirmed, because if you remember in iOS 12 the new screen interface left the central gap clean , shifting the time to the left, to supposedly make way for the “notch” and Face ID. For this technology to be efficient we will need to be able to unlock our Face ID devices in a landscape manner, however it is not yet clear if it will require a simple software upgrade or if there will be some hardware touch ups.

9to5mac in its last article also comments on the presentation of a renewed Apple Pencil that would pair with our iPad through proximity like the AirPods or HomePod, without having to physically connect it. This will be very useful for us to pair the Pencil with several iPads quickly. It is not clear if this new version will work with the current iPads, or if it will include other functions similar to the S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

One of the most notable new features coming with this new iPad Pro will be the addition of a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning connector. This will give us the possibility to connect to external monitors and get a signal at 4K HDR resolution . Together with this functionality will come a new panel to be able to regulate the resolution, activate/deactivate HDR, the brightness…

On this new iPad we would also possibly see a new magnetic connector on the back so we can match more accessories like a new smart keyboard or other third party products that will allow us to be much more productive with our iPad Pro.

Finally, the models for these new iPads are already known. Specifically for the WiFi version it will be iPad8.1; iPad 8.2; iPad 8.5 and iPad 8.6. The LTE version will have the models iPad 8.3; iPad 8.4; iPad 8.7 and iPad 8.8. The prices are not known and have not ventured to give an approximation but we believe that they will be around the prices of the current iPads or with slight increases by incorporating new technologies such as Face ID.

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