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The iPad Pro 2018 is the star of Apple’s new interactive website

There is no doubt that the iPad Pro presented and launched by Apple last October is a before and after for the company’s tablets . This new device has been the first to introduce a series of design changes that are expected to be maintained and extended to other models as was already the case with the iPhone X and its change of design on the front.

Face ID and the new Apple Pencil are just some of the features of this new iPad Pro they are so proud of at Apple . To prove it, the company has presented a new interactive web for mobiles in which we will be able to know more in depth this new equipment.

The iPad Pro 2018 is the star of Apple’s new interactive websiteThe iPad Pro 2018 is the star of Apple’s new interactive website

Yesterday Apple presented a new interactive website that is only available for the mobile versions. This page highlights all the new features of the iPad Pro 2018 which is, as the company’s slogan says, “the biggest iPad change since the iPad”.

The website, which you can access by clicking here, first shows the previous generation iPad Pro model and we can differentiate it by its remarkable borders around its screen and by the presence of the home button. Once we press on the screen of this device v we’ll be like the 11-inch iPad Pro 2018 with its striking design change in which the home button disappears and the edges of the screen become much narrower.

Once we ‘have’ the new iPad Pro we can slide with our finger between different tabs in which the main characteristics of the device are highlighted . The animations that are presented when sliding between the mentioned tabs stand out, because we will be asked to perform the same gestures that are used with the new iPad Pro. In this way we try to bring the user closer to an experience similar to the one he would have with an iPad Pro 2018 in his hands .

Apple wanted to highlight several features in its new interactive website. One of them is the Face ID , which makes its debut on an iPad with this equipment and does so with the advantage of recognizing the face even horizontally, something that does not do the iPhone X, XS and XR also include Face ID.

On the other hand, the thinness of this new generation of iPad Pro also stands out. Also the introduction of a new Apple Pencil is shown in a new tab. This new Apple stylus stands out for being more ergonomic both in use and in connection with the iPad because, unlike the previous generation, it is magnetically charged close to the top of the tablet.

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