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The iPad, More and More the Center of Our World

If we ask the owner of an iPad why he decided to buy it, surely each answer would be different from the previous one . No one will tell you that he was brought by fashion, or that he bought it because he is a fanboy. And many will use the excuse that he is needed at work, even if he has never been taken to the office.

So what’s the real reason people buy the iPad? The answer is usually simple, though not unique. In fact, it is a whole set of answers and factors, some of which are very visible and others not, but which together have led to the success of the Apple tablet .

The iPad, More and More the Center of Our World
The iPad, More and More the Center of Our World

Trust in the brand, use at work or at school, the possibilities it offers as a leisure instrument … are all valid reasons for having purchased the product.

If we stop to think, we will realize that the tablet is a complete, versatile, easy to use tool that allows access to the information society to people who had never had a good relationship with technology .

This is true for all models, but perhaps with the new iPad it has become more real than ever, thanks to its great screen and greatly improved camera. The expressions and comments of tech-savvy people, when you leave your tablet in their hands for a while , speak for themselves.

Apart from Apple, there is a large ecosystem around the iPad, with people creating products around the world’s most famous tablet . On the one hand, the applications, which give life and colour to the device. On the other hand, the amount of accessories, cases and connectors that come out day after day as a complement.

This is something difficult to see at such a magnitude in competitive tablets, and it is a phenomenon that feeds back: users want devices with a large community behind them , creating applications, accessories, solving doubts or sharing opinions.

The title of the post is obviously not literal. It’s just a way to emphasize that the device has changed the way many of us work , share some memories or have a moment of leisure. Nothing more and nothing less.

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