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The iPad Mini will ignore accidental touches near the frame

The usual way to pick up an iPad is by the frame around the screen. While many have criticised the iPad frame as being too thick, others believe it’s an ideal size for holding the device. What about the iPad Mini and its much thinner frame?

The iPad Mini is designed to be held with one hand, so your hand will be on the back and only your fingertips will be holding the device . But at Apple they know that this will not always be the case and that there will be times when it will be necessary to grab it with both hands, to give an example for playing or simply for surfing.

The iPad Mini will be able to ignore accidental touches near the screen frame

The iPad Mini will ignore accidental touches near the frameThe iPad Mini will ignore accidental touches near the frame

Well, Apple has taken this into account and acted on it. According to the company, the iPad Mini software has added a new feature and that is that will be able to detect if our fingers are resting on the frame (even if they touch the screen) or if they are actually trying to make a reaction on the device.

Apple defines it as:

No doubt a great example of how well applied hardware and software integration can be really useful and it seems that in this case it would be a small feature that will make using an iPad Mini a little more comfortable.

In the case of the 9.7-inch iPad, this functionality is not available, although it would not be too far-fetched if a future version of the tablet were to reduce its size (while maintaining the screen) by implementing a function of this type, even though the iPad is a device designed to be used with both hands.

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