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The iPad Mini vs. the 7-inch Android tablet

The iPad is the world’s most successful tablet, and with the release of the new iPad Mini, a new era in its growth has begun. In particular, this little brother of Apple’s tablet family is going to fight for a piece of the mid-range tablet cake .

In this article we will compare the new Mini with its main competitors . Specifically, it will beat out Google’s Nexus 7 and Asus, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. We have to point out that the Apple tablet is about 0.9 inches more diagonal. This may not seem much, but in terms of area it is 35% more screen.

The iPad Mini vs. the 7-inch Android tablet
The iPad Mini vs. the 7-inch Android tablet

As you can see below, thanks to the reduced frames of the iPad Mini, the terminal is the height of the Nexus 7 and is narrower than the Kindle Fire HD, both 7 inches diagonal. The truth is that it has to be a pleasure to hold in your hand and realize that it is almost all screen.

Below is a comparison of some of the features of the above-mentioned tablets. We will focus on those in which Apple differs from the rest , for better or for worse.

  • The iPad Mini is the only one with LTE connectivity for Internet access.
  • It is the most expensive of all the tablets between 7 and 8 inches compared.
  • It is the only one that does not have an 8 GB option but it also allows you to put 64 GB of capacity.
  • It is also the lightest, weighing less than 312 grams.
  • It’s the only one made of aluminum. The rest has a polycarbonate plastic exterior.
  • You can also run the more than 275,000 apps designed for the iPad. The rest of the platforms have it more complicated, with far fewer apps designed for their tablets.

You can see many more details in the analysis of the Applesfera’s partners. Which one do you take? Is it worth to pay the price of the iPad Mini ?

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