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The iPad mini is the culprit in the low sales of the iPad range

iPad sales have been down over the last few years. The main cause of this drop in sales has to do with the sales of the mini models of these devices.

What could have caused this drop in sales?

Apple’s sales figures for 12 quarters show the decline in sales of Cupertino’s company’s tablets. These figures show that the iPad mini has the most significant drop.

The iPad mini is the culprit in the low sales of the iPad rangeThe iPad mini is the culprit in the low sales of the iPad range

Still, this drop makes a lot of sense. Let’s not forget that Apple has launched since the iPhone 6 the 5’5 inches Plus models, so could fill the gap that the iPad mini are leaving in the sale of this type of devices . In addition, the arrival of 9.7-inch devices with better features and starting from a very competitive price compared to the mini models. These data could indicate that sales of the iPad will soar in the coming quarters.

The iPad mini has less and less paper in the current situation

Some people still think that an iPhone Plus model is too small and a 9.7-inch iPad too big to use as a tablet. In addition, many mini iPad models may have been purchased especially for use by children , as it is more practical for them. Still, despite these details that I personally include myself in, the iPad mini is tending to disappear very much in spite of whoever writes these words.

Why do I think it’s disappearing? There are many details to consider, first of all that we are only in the Apple store with a mini 4 model in only one capacity. The arrival of a “standard” size iPad and the growing promotion of the iPad Pro.

The iPad as a device, has a lot of life ahead of it, especially with the arrival of the new model along with the Pro devices . Those of us who are fans of mini models may be guarding our devices as a divine treasure, fearing that the end within Cupertino’s company is just around the corner.

Do you think the iPad mini’s days are numbered? What do you think is the future of these devices? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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