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The iPad Mini could use the same screen as the iPhone 3GS


Rumors of the launch of a possible iPad Mini are still going on. This week they may have taken even more strength, due to the confirmation by two big ones, like Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg , that Apple is in production of a smaller and cheaper model . John Gruber , an Apple expert, is of the opinion that Apple could use existing manufacturing processes to produce a smaller device quickly and economically.

The iPad Mini could use the same screen as the iPhone 3GS
The iPad Mini could use the same screen as the iPhone 3GS

As for the rumors that the iPad Mini might incorporate a 7- to 8-inch screen , Gruber wrote in his blog, Daring Fireball , the following:

We could think that this is one more opinion, but we have to take into account that Gruber has been right in many of the things he has foreseen about Apple products . Obviously he doesn’t just talk. John has several contacts within Apple, and was the first to report in April that Apple was ” cooking ” an iPad of 7.85 inches and resolution 1024×768.

Gruber expands on the information about how screens are made to clarify his statement a little:

Actually, what John says makes a lot of sense, if they use existing and proven processes, they could save a lot of costs in manufacturing and thus launch the iPad Mini at the rumored price of 249 ? . In addition, Apple’s expertise and agility in the distribution chain could bring large quantities of the new device into stores around the world quickly.

This would be in contrast to the way Amazon acts with its Kindle Fire, which is only sold in the United States at a price of $199, or Google with its Nexus 7, which has been launched in only 3 countries, although only US customers can use Google Play Store.

Despite a recent report by a Chinese news website that the iPad Mini could have the same Retina screen as the newov, both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal mention a screen with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels (something that would also help keep costs down).

Honestly, I rely more on fonts like Wall Street or Bloomberg , plus this would make all existing applications compatible with the iPad Mini without the need to modify anything. In addition, Apple would avoid introducing a new resolution that would inevitably fragment the platform.

What do you think? Would it make sense for Apple to use old ” ” screens “? Do you think that the resolution 1024×768 would fall short?

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