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The iPad Mini could be the “first” product of the new Apple

There’s been plenty of talk about Steve Jobs’ refusal to create a smaller tablet than the 9.7-inch iPad we all know (whether it’s the original iPad, the iPad 2 or the new iPad 3). Jobs said that reducing the screen size would make the device useless.

During the trials against Samsung some emails were leaked in which Steve Jobs seemed to change his mind and started to accept the possibility of a smaller iPad . Eddie Cue, one of Apple’s directors, was the one who most insisted on this possibility and saw an iPad Mini as a perfect product for the consumption of multimedia content (films, music, videos…), but also as an ideal device for the consumption of books, social networks, email or simply for surfing the Internet.

The iPad Mini could be the “first” product of the new Apple
The iPad Mini could be the “first” product of the new Apple

From what we know about Steve Jobs, it wasn’t easy to change his mind, but these emails show us that sometimes it is possible. And this is not a bad thing, as it shows that when someone tried to convince him with good approaches it was possible and everything points to Cue’s approaches managed to make him change his point of view to an iPad Mini.

Now that Jobs is gone, you’ve heard a lot of things. Some say that Steve left the company “tied up” for the next few years and others say that Apple has already started to look for its own way. What would be ideal? An Apple “run” by Jobs months before he died or an Apple run by the current directors of the company?

Apple should find its own way

We do not know what the reality will be, but we certainly believe that l or ideally the new Tim Cook’s Apple is already looking for its own way . And that the arrival of that rumored 7.85-inch iPad Mini, is the beginning of a long and prosperous road for the new Apple without Steve Jobs. We’ll never forget Steve, but everything must go its own way and the company must continue to make products and make the people who buy them happy.

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