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the iPad mini could be a reality in October along with a new iMac

Good and sunny days to you all, if you live in Spain. In other parts of the world, even if it is summer, we have to be content with being at home on a Sunday morning, and while we are at it read a few rumours about the company of the apple . This week they are back with the same success as in previous seasons: the iPad mini is gaining more and more importance every day. Let’s see the rumors that are being talked about this week.

  • iPad mini in October. A rumor so old, in fact, that it goes back to the release of the first iPad, but that it doesn’t stop gaining strength after the release of the Nexus 7. And although as our colleagues from Xataka have commented this week (Is it time for a smaller and cheaper iPad?) the market sometimes rules, we know that Apple is not a company that follows other companies’ games to the letter. In any case, it’s clear that the Nexus 7 will mark a new path for tablets, especially because of its price. In the case of the iPad, rumors point to a computer between 7 and 8 inches with IGZO screens with the same resolution as the old model, which would put it at around 220ppp, somewhat less than the new iPad. In any case, another of those rumours that have been around for years and that at the moment, except for thousands of comments, nothing is real.
  • New iMac in October. The case of iMac is also quite funny, just a year after its last update, rumors of a new device don’t stop although it seems that nobody agrees. We started the rumors a few weeks ago commenting that the iMac Retina would arrive in October with a new design, later it was commented that the device would arrive renewed but without the desired high definition screen and now again, there is talk of a retinal device… what did we agree on? What is clear is that nobody here knows anything in detail, but in October we will see a new iMac. From my point of view, this inconnection between the rumors is due to the possible exit of more than one model. As it has happened with the MacBook Pro, Apple is surely preparing two devices for the iMac renovation, one with a retinal screen focused on a professional public and therefore with a high price and another one that will be a tuning of the current device with the latest news but without the retinal screen to be able to compete in price.
  • iGlass. You know Project Glass? With that name Google has named a product that could be revolutionary, but for the moment it is used for streaming video … in any case it seems that Apple, although at the moment is not developing anything similar, has similar ideas in mind and so we can see in one of the patents made by the company with an idea very similar to Google. And while the idea is similar, an augmented reality glasses, in the case of Apple the execution is much more futuristic and almost unreal (for the moment). The company’s patent uses a complicated system of direct projection into our retinas. Without using any screen or glass, the glasses would “project” the images directly to our eyes producing a 3D effect and immersion in the total content. It sounds more like a science fiction movie than a reality, but in any case the patent is there.


the iPad mini could be a reality in October along with a new iMac
the iPad mini could be a reality in October along with a new iMac

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