The iPad mini, Apple enters the seven-inch sector with a firm step

They say that rectifying is wise and we all know that Steve Jobs defined the size of ten (almost) inches of the original iPad as the perfect size for a tablet . Nuevo iPad mini”Savoir faire” Análisis del iPad mini

The iPad mini, Apple enters the seven-inch sector with a firm step
The iPad mini, Apple enters the seven-inch sector with a firm step

But Apple was not just one person, in the last years Steve Jobs was surrounded by people he considered fit to succeed him when he was not there . Not surprisingly, these people had (and have) their own opinions, and some tried to make him see that a 7″ iPad was a good option. The video below is the demonstration that they convinced him .

After this “almost” week of use, I can say that the size of the iPad mini has dazzled me . Many people question the issue of the decrease in size on their screen, they interpret it as a setback to the arguments made by Apple in recent years. But in the end “market rules” and the user who prefers a smaller screen is there and there are not few of them.

The iPad mini is ideal for consuming multimedia content… in any situation or location. Subway, plane, car, train, bus… Video, books, comics, video games. Perfectly manageable and as easy to carry as a medium-sized book…

I wouldn’t venture to completely define the ideal target for each size of iPad. In the end the larger or smaller screen size depends on personal taste, and also the need for a retinal screen (which the mini doesn’t have). In my particular case, as I only have an iPhone with this type of screen, I can’t be very objective either. But for me the resolution of the iPad mini is enough .

Obviously, the logical evolution will be the introduction of this screen, but does not seem to me a data to influence too much the final decision. In the end it is demonstrated here the maxim “to rectify is of wise men” and Apple has entered the battle of the 7 inches with a firm step.

It is curious, as a final touch, that “competition” has responded by lowering prices. Obviously two companies like Amazon or Google can afford it, the profits will already come through the content. But the quality of the finish of the iPad mini justifies (in part) the higher price . Apple has cut the profit margin, the Nexus 7 and the Fire have directly abolished it.

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