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The iPad Mini 2 Could Mount a Retina Display Made by Samsung

The Wall Street Journal has published some interesting information about the iPad Mini 2. According to the well-known newspaper, Apple could be working with its Asian suppliers on the next iPad Mini, which could have the long awaited Retina screen. It appears that the new tablet could use a high-resolution screen manufactured by Samsung , which would mean that the company is having difficulty reducing its dependence on the Korean company.

The size of the new tablet will probably remain at the 7.9 inches of the current model, launched in November last year. And according to the information published, Apple could be thinking of launching the iPad Mini 2 with different colors .

A new rumour has it that the iPad Mini 2 will have a Samsung Retina screen and will come in different colours

The iPad Mini 2 Could Mount a Retina Display Made by Samsung
The iPad Mini 2 Could Mount a Retina Display Made by Samsung

According to Apple’s manufacturers confessed to WSJ, Cupertino’s company plans to use Samsung, Sharp and LG Display screens on the upcoming iPad . According to one of the sources, Apple originally planned to use screens from Sharp and LG, but later decided to add Samsung as a supplier to ensure an adequate supply of screens. On the current iPad Mini Apple uses displays from LG Display and AU Optronics.

It seems that Apple has tested several designs for the new iPad Mini and has been known to make some last-minute changes, so it is not clear if the release date could be delayed . However, it seems more than likely that the new iPad Mini will include the Retina screen, especially after Google’s new Nexus 7, introduced a few days ago, included a high-resolution screen.

Apple’s decision to order displays from Samsung for its next generation iPad Mini underscores the special relationship between the two companies. Apple and Samsung have been working together for nearly a decade, first making the iPod chips and later the processors for the iPhone. It is even said that Apple’s next SoC A7 will feature Samsung components .

However, the fact that the Korean company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones has complicated the relationship with the California-based company. The Cupertino family accused Samsung of copying its designs in a lawsuit filed in 2011. And the two companies continue to fight in court to ban each other’s products in key markets.

Apple has tried by all means to stop having Samsung as a component supplier . Recently, Apple signed an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) to produce chips from 2014, according to sources familiar with this issue. Apple has also tried to rely more on other suppliers of displays for the iPhone and iPad.

However, Apple cannot yet completely move away from Samsung as the Korean company is one of the few suppliers that can produce some components on time and with Apple’s quality requirements. With the Retina display for the iPad Mini 2, it seems that Apple has decided not to play around and has passed on the orders placed with AU Optronics to Samsung.

According to a manager of AU Optronics:

The company also pointed out that it cannot make a profit from manufacturing the current iPad Mini displays.

Finally, according to analyst Wanli Wang, from CIMB Group :

Whoever makes them, the good news is that it looks like the iPad Mini 2 will finally have the long-awaited Retina screen . Let’s hope the Wall Street Journal is not wrong. Are you looking forward to seeing an iPad Mini with a Retina screen?

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