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The iPad Maxi May Be Presented at the End of 2014

Apple devices were famous before they came along as a result of rumors

There is a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple launching a iPad that is larger than the current one . We know almost nothing about it, but the successive rumors do not stop to establish launch dates, companies that will produce it and even the problems that it will entail. As it always happens for all the followers of Apple’s news, the terror of the rumors comes back and comes back without leaving us a second of respite .

We’ve been telling you for some time now that Apple may be thinking about releasing an iPad with a 12.9-inch screen that looks similar to the latest generation. Later, an anonymous source talked about the possibility of launching the product in the second quarter of the year, something very rushed in my opinion. Now, another source, anonymous of course, states that the rumor call, iPad Maxi would be on the market by the end of 2014 .

The iPad Maxi May Be Presented at the End of 2014
The iPad Maxi May Be Presented at the End of 2014

What all the sources seem to agree on is that the new iDevice would be manufactured and assembled by the Chinese company Quanta Computers. They also agree that for Cupertino, the main target of this new product is in the fields of education and business . This territory is currently designed for the iPad 2, and this may be the reason why, despite being considerably less powerful than the new models, it is still on sale.

Despite the different opinions, there are common points among the leaks

Another point of connection between the different contacts of the different media that spread the rumors is in prophesizing the possible challenges that would be involved in manufacturing and assembling this device larger than the current iPad Air. Something that doesn’t surprise me at all is that they justify a possible low level of stock as a result of those technical difficulties.

The truth is that, without having seen a single leak from any part of the possible device, it seems to me an absolute recklessness to make statements like this. The time to prepare and create a sufficient stock to satisfy a world demand requires at least 6 months of production. As we have already seen with other models, it is high time that possible aluminium casings, glass or sapphire screens or internal components appear. Will that be the Christmas gift that many people are waiting for?

Another rumour that is growing and growing like foam is that of the mass production of iWatch , which according to BGR, would be the task of Inventec, Foxconn and Quanta Computers. If I say that I think it’s a mistake to think that these rumors could be true for the “Maxi” iPad, I’m not going to change my mind for a more than known, iWatch. Do you want to see any real leak about these two products? I do.

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