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The iPad is the common language in the classrooms of many schools

We live in a world of diversity and this can often pose certain problems, especially with children studying in countries where their mother tongue is not spoken. In this kind of situation a device like the iPad can be a fundamental tool , and that’s what Apple wanted to share with all of us.

The apple company has produced a report in a class at the Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler centre in Düsseldorf, Germany . There most children speak Arabic and must study German at a fast pace. Professor Nick Kyriakidis uses iPads so that learning a new language and communicating is not such a hard task for these youngsters.

The iPad is the common language in the classrooms of many schools
The iPad is the common language in the classrooms of many schools

Diversity in the classroom has become the norm due to immigration and refugees in recent years in countries such as Germany. One of the best tools available to the teachers of these students to overcome the barrier of a new language is the iPad .

At the beginning of each language class at the Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler Center in Düsseldorf, Germany, teacher Nick Kyriakidis asks a different student to say “good morning” in his or her native language. This morning, as is very often the case lately, that language is Arabic “.

In this new program each student has his own iPad and 100% of the students have managed to finish their studies , before there were 20% who did not manage to do so. In addition, the iPad gives students the freedom to continue learning outside the classroom.

With the iPad it’s different from when they write on paper and then I correct it with my red pen and tell them they’ve made a mistake. “[With the iPad] they learn by themselves “.

But it is not only in these cases that the iPad has improved student learning , Apple has consulted studies in various centres across Europe that have discovered new ways to use Apple technology to help teachers and students connect and communicate.

  • Daniel Argote School in Pau, France Students go home with a video lesson recorded by their teacher using the iPad, and review their homework in class. In addition, students whose parents do not speak French can also expand their knowledge.
  • Stenkulaskolan Centre in Malmö, Sweden. Ninety-eight percent of the students speak Swedish as a second language and math grades have risen by 80% since similar videos recorded in Swedish by a teacher began being sent home.
  • St. Cyres de Penarth Centre, Wales. Senior students in the English as a Second Language class improved their grades in 2018 by an average of 3.8 points over the year, outperforming their native English or Welsh speaking peers.

There is no doubt that the iPad is a device that can help a lot with integration and education thanks to all the powerful educational applications available on the App Store and Apple’s efforts in education that have resulted in an incredible tool.

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