The iPad is heading for an all-time low

As we have already seen in several posts on iPadizate, sales of the various Apple gadgets are running quite unevenly: while the iPhone 7 is unbeatable , the same cannot be said – with the permission of Tim Cook, of course – of the Apple Watch, which succumbs to the 5th place of the wearables according to the IDC consultancy. Likewise, Apple’s iPad continues to decrease its sales and everything points to the fact that the new iPad Pro model , which is expected to be launched during the first half of 2017, will follow the same downward trend .

According to the suppliers of the components of the iPad manufacturing chain, the demand for chips continues to decrease , so Apple itself estimates that during this 2016 that is already ending will not reach 40 million units sold and falling.

The iPad is heading for an all-time low
The iPad is heading for an all-time low

This fact is all the more alarming at a time like this, since it is at Christmas time that Apple harvests its highest sales on its iPad tablet, which is still the undisputed leader in the sector. In previous years, Apple sold up to one iPad per second.

The information comes from Digitimes, a website less famous than McOtara for example, but which is usually quite reliable in terms of sources from the chain of manufacturers, which also points out that a significant increase in orders is not expected until 2018 .

A very uncertain future in a world as changing as that of technology . They are not the first specialists to point out this alarmingly decreasing trend, confirming what KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo commented at the time, estimating a drop of around 10 or even 20% during 2017 .

It seems that even novelties like a more powerful processor or the absence of a home button on a screen without bezels will not boost sales. It will be perhaps the new 2018 iPad with its revolutionary AMOLED technology that will definitely attract buyers .

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