The iPad continues to lead the market and grow in sales

The iPad has dominated the tablet market for many years, and for the first time in a long time, Apple has a range of iPads to suit all tastes and at prices to suit everyone. This year, Apple has launched three new iPads , an affordable model, a new iPad mini and the iPad Air. In addition to these, there are two new iPad Pro models.

In spite of being the most important device in the market, during the last years the sales have not accompanied, but this tendency has been inverted. The latest analysis by Strategy Analytics details the sales of the tablet market and reveals that the Apple iPad continues to be the leader with a 4% growth in market share in the third quarter of 2019 .

The iPad continues to lead the market and grow in sales
The iPad continues to lead the market and grow in sales

Apple managed to sell a total of 10.1 million iPads last quarter, representing a growth of 4% in a market that has declined, further demonstrating the importance of these figures.

Only Apple, Amazon and Lenovo have managed to improve their sales compared to the same quarter last year. A special case is that of Amazon, which has managed to increase by more than double the number of units. With these new data, Apple has managed to achieve a market share of 26.5% , that is, one in every fourth tablet sold is an iPad.

But there are more interesting data that we can obtain if we compare these figures with the profits presented by Apple a few days ago. Apple revealed that iPad revenue grew 8% during the last quarter, taking into account that sales only rose 4%, the average sales price of iPad has had to increase, in other words, Apple is selling more iPad Pro , which are more expensive.

It’s interesting that Apple has not launched any new iPad Pro in 2019 , however its sales are increasing. We’ll see what will happen when Apple unveils that supposed new model with a new back camera system.

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