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The iPad Continues to Grow its Web Presence in the U.S.

The iPad continues to demonstrate the good health that it currently enjoys in the technology market, especially in its place of origin, the USA. This is not surprising, firstly because it has been more than proven that Americans are one of the biggest consumers of technology in the world and secondly because their preference for the apple brand is also more than evident.

Chitika has shown again the results of the web traffic during these last months in North American territory and, as we are used to, the iPad is again at the top of the ranking , but this time increasing the difference with its rivals.

The iPad gets 82.4% of web traffic in the US, increasing the share obtained in previous months

The iPad Continues to Grow its Web Presence in the U.S.
The iPad Continues to Grow its Web Presence in the U.S.

Apple’s tablet once again leaves its most direct rivals, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the different tablet models in Samsung’s Galaxy range, far behind. One only has to look at the graph to see the abysmal difference between the statistics of the iPad (82.4%) and its second most direct rival, the Kindle Fire (6.5%).

As commented in Chitika, the iPad suffered a slight decrease in web traffic during the month of April, but the May report not only shows the recovery of that small decrease, but the iPad has reached figures that were not seen since this Christmas.

Such statistics are much more accurate than those that only take into account the number of tablet shipments by manufacturers, as they often paint a more optimistic picture and can be confused with actual sales of such devices. Android’s market share in North America, both in tablets and smartphones, has suffered a slight decline during 2013 , although this does not reflect the global trend.

As we have seen in Electronista, the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy were the second and third most chosen option by consumers respectively, although getting some almost ridiculous data compared to the iPad. Without a doubt, studies like this one show that there is a big difference between shipments and final sales and we should really resort to statistics like this one to become aware of the real situation of each platform.

The iPad is still the undisputed king of the tablet market, no matter how much some people try to end its reign.

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