The iPad and iPhone will be more expensive thanks to the new digital canon

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The iPad and iPhone will be more expensive thanks to the new digital canon
The iPad and iPhone will be more expensive thanks to the new digital canon

Do you think it’s fair for us buyers to pay for it?

By Eva Rodríguez de Luis – Jul 5, 2017ShareFacebookTwitter

It is now official: habemus new digital canon in Spain . If in 2010 one was already approved that was not free of controversy and was finally declared null and void by the Padawan ruling because it did not adapt to the regulations of the European Union, after months of speculation about a possible digital fee that would tax technological products including iPod, iPad and iPhone – but extendable to any smartphone and tablet -, this is already a reality.

From July 3, 2017 the new digital fee has come into force and yes, will mean an increase in the prices of CDs and DVDs, but also in smartphones and tablets , whose power to raise prices will correspond to the manufacturers, who will probably drop that weight on the consumer.

There will be two options: either the companies will assume this small increase, thus increasing the fixed cost of production, or they will throw the ball to the buyer’s court. But, is this increase too much or too little?

  • DVDs and CDs will be charged 21 cents in their final price, no doubt a considerable increase, although their use is decreasing.
  • Watch out because the biggest increase is in hard disks, which will see their prices rise 12 euros more than their current price, something especially painful for SSDs, the real wonder of the market.
  • Any smartphone, no matter what brand or operating system it has, so Windows Phone, Android or Apple iOS will suffer equally in their flesh, will cost 1.10 euros more, it may be a derisory increase if we compare it with the retail price of the leading terminals, such as 809 euros of the Samsung Galaxy S8, 479 euros of the OnePlus 5 or 769 euros of the iPhone 7, however it would be a little low that it falls on us.
  • The tablets are most affected and will see their prices increase by 3.15 euros over the final price. It is clear that if you buy an iPad Pro, which costs 729 euros, the increase will not be significant, however if you opt for a low-end Android tablet, it will be more noticeable in percentage terms.

However, the one who is not happy is because he does not want to . In Spain, the increase has not been as noticeable as in other countries like France or Germany, where they pay 6 euros more for smartphones and 8 euros for tablets, respectively.

What do you think of this rise? Do you think it is fair that we, the buyers, pay for it?

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