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The iPad, a working tool for Australian doctors


The iPad is a home-oriented device. It’s usually used for playing games, watching movies, reading email, surfing the web… But Apple also wants its tablet to reach business, and Australia is a good example of that.

The iPad, a working tool for Australian doctorsThe iPad, a working tool for Australian doctors

It was Australian State Premier John Brumby who announced plans to introduce the iPad into the state health system : A$12 million (about ?9 million) has been allocated to buy it and will make an iPad available to every doctor in Victoria if he wins the election again.

Thanks to its implementation, doctors will have access to all their patients’ medical history from their device, making their work easier and reducing their work time in this type of management.

Plans are focused on c o begin by purchasing 500 devices to begin using them in hospitals in early 2011. This announcement comes on top of Brumby’s own announcement several months ago in which he pledged to allocate another 500 iPads to his schools.

Would you like your company to provide you with an iPad as a work tool?