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The iPad 5 Could Make it to the End of April

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Since the arrival of the iPad mini, we’ve been hearing rumours that the next version of the iPad with the Retina display will have a similar design to the iPad mini. It’s actually a pretty logical step, the 7.9-inch tablet from Apple shares design lines with the iPhone 5 and the current iPod touch, so it’s logical that Apple will also update its 9.7-inch tablet to share the same design lines to unify the entire iOS range.

The iPad 5 Could Make it to the End of AprilThe iPad 5 Could Make it to the End of April

Adding to these rumours is now the prestigious analyst Gene Munster from the firm Piper Jaffray. Gene has been right countless times with his forecasts, so this time he could be right too, or at least heading in the right direction.

Gene Munster believes the iPad 5 could arrive in late April

According to the analyst, Apple could be preparing an event for the end of April where the company would launch the new iPad 5 with a design similar to the current iPad mini. Gene is basing himself on the timeline Apple has followed in recent years for its launches, which suggests a spring event where the company would present the iPad Retina update.

In addition, Gene believes Apple may also upgrade the iPad mini to incorporate a Retina screen, although he also says that could happen later this year and not directly at the event to launch a new generation of iPad.

Munster commented that the average time between events has been 123 days, about 4 months or so. In addition, he also notes that the longest time between two events occurred when Apple launched the iPad 2 in March 2011 and it wasn’t until October 2011 that the iPhone 4S made its appearance.

Finally, Munster adds that in addition to the possible update of the iPad, Apple could take advantage of updating the AppleTV with a more complete operating system and support for the App Store, something that would make the device much more versatile than what it currently offers.

If the iPad 5 launch forecast at the end of April is confirmed, it will be only about 7 months since Apple last updated its tablet. How will people who have bought an iPad 4 cope with this? There is no doubt that Apple has to be careful, a new update can make it get more people, but a very important part of their customers are used to annual updates and if the company reduces so much the time between versions perhaps many of the faithful feel bad.

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