the iPad 2 screen could be 2048×1536 pixels

MacRumors y 9to5mac

If they have doubled the resolution of the screen on the phone and are doing the same with the tablet, it would reach a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels , slightly higher than the FullHD of many televisions and monitors.

the iPad 2 screen could be 2048×1536 pixels
the iPad 2 screen could be 2048×1536 pixels

Many have called it “nonsense” and said that such a large resolution on a touch screen of less than 10 inches is a bit exaggerated (actually it’s a bit of a joke), but for the latest discoveries made in the wake of iOS 4.3 we could really be looking at the resolution of the new iPad 2 : some of the elements of the iPad interface have appeared with a resolution twice as big as the one used by the first tablet.

It’s exactly the same as what happened when we were still on the iPhone 4 screen, so it’s pretty strong proof that the next iPad can simply blow your mind with its screen resolution. And that may be precisely why there’s also talk of a new GPU capable of moving more graphics to the device .

When all the clues and data start to fit together it means there is little left for us to see any ads. We’ll keep waiting.


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