The iPad 2, a meaningless purchase

The Apple family of tablets was updated yesterday to bring it up to date. Both the iPad mini and the iPad Air maintained the price of the previous models and the previous generation was reduced by 100 euros in the case of the iPad mini. That happened on the iPad too, but instead of reducing 100 euros on the 4th generation model they did it with the archaic iPad 2.

As you may know, Apple updated the entire iPad family yesterday. They announced two new iPads: the iPad Air and the iPad mini with a Retina display. The new tablets from the Californian company incorporate the new A7 processor and maintain their usual price range, which is correct for high-end and finished tablets premium .

The iPad 2, a meaningless purchase
The iPad 2, a meaningless purchase

So far, nothing to object to, until Apple left us all speechless when it told us that the iPad 2 was still on sale, for 379 euros . Yes, Apple is only asking 100 euros less than the iPad Air for a tablet that is over 2 and a half years old, with a non-retinal screen and a 30-pin connector.

In spite of everything, the price table of the different models seems theoretically correct, with the old models somewhat cheaper and the new models with a normal price. The problem comes when we see that Apple asks the same for the iPad mini with Retina screen as for the iPad 2 . While the iPad mini has state-of-the-art components, the iPad 2 is almost three years old, and is being sold to us at the price of gold.

The iPad 2 masterstroke

The real masterstroke would have been to sell the fourth-generation iPad for 379 euros, which would have made much more sense and would not have caused rivers of ink to flow for this hardly explainable manoeuvre. If they really needed to eliminate the residual stock of the iPad 2, they could have put it on sale for a few months for 199 euros , a really attractive price and in accordance with the device they are selling us. It would be a real iPad low-cost and would sell like hot cakes. The best thing is that Apple would still be earning quite a bit of money from its manufacture.

In addition, the iPad 2 does not support Siri, does not support AirDrop, maps cannot be viewed in 3D, and many other iOS 7 features are capped. This means that Apple is selling us a device with which you cannot enjoy 100% of the user experience of its operating system, and on top of that at an exorbitant price.

Actually Apple has made a rather strange move, because instead of evolving their generations one by one, they have made a stop on the A5 processor , which still mounts the Apple TV, the iPhone 4s, the iPad 2 and the iPad mini. However, the Apple A6 has disappeared from the map with the exception of the iPhone 5c.

No wonder it is one of the companies in the world with the highest profit margins.

Who wants an iPad 2?

Apple’s old tablet could only make sense to someone who doesn’t understand technology, that the hypermarket salesman sells him a big iPad for less than 400 euros , and where Apple is going to make simply brutal profit margins.

Other potential buyers would be those who need a big screen at all costs , who don’t care about performance, and who will use the iPad to read books, watch movies or surf the Internet. In such a case it might be understandable that iPad 2 would be an option to consider. What is still unforgivable is the price Apple is asking for this device.

Also, there is something really strange in Apple’s price range, because they are able to offer really attractive devices with very succulent prices, but there are others with prices that go out of all orbit . With competitive prices I mean the new iPad Air, the MacBook Air or the iPad mini. However, where they go crazy is with the iMac, the iPhone 5s (which goes up by 50 euros every year, while the iPad always keeps its price), the iPhone 5c or the iPad 2.

The restored iPads

But the joke doesn’t end here, because if we go to the Apple Store of restored products the drama increases, when we see that the difference between a fourth generation iPad and an iPad 2 is only 32 miserable euros .

We can find right now in the Spanish Apple Store a iPad fourth generation of 16 GB Wi-Fi for 359 euros , while the same model in the iPad 2 costs us 327 euros . According to Apple itself, when we buy the iPad 4th generation we save 140 euros and with the iPad 2 we save only 52 euros.

The same comparison can be made with models . For example a 4th generation iPad with 64 GB would cost us 509 euros while the equivalent on iPad 2 would be only 489 euros.

It seems that the iPad 2 is made of graphene electronics and Apple doesn’t want to tell us, hence the explanation at the price of a tablet with almost three years.

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