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the iOS puzzle game that will make you forget about Candy Crush

MUJO para iOS 6.0 o posterior (1,79 euros, universal) en la App StoreEn Apple
Since I started playing on iOS devices my biggest hope was that the AppStore would be filled with graphic adventures. There are some, but if we talk about the star genre of iPhone and iPad I think we’ll all agree that puzzle games are the best. Today we want to pick up one of the last ones, the title that will make you forget about Threes and force your mother to give up Candy Crush : MUJO.

Mentioning these two titles to present it is not insignificant, because in this game inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, the formula of adding points from the first one and joining three or more pieces from the second one shake hands, giving shape to one of those games that you take with indifference the first minutes and manage to steal more than one afternoon of productivity .

the iOS puzzle game that will make you forget about Candy Crush
the iOS puzzle game that will make you forget about Candy Crush

The idea is to add up pieces by holding down a selection in search of the highest possible combo, and then pop it when we get it close to another group of the same kind. Another excuse to measure their noses with their friends to see who gets the highest combo , but that’s not all.

The main strategy will be to gather as many swords as possible to finish off the enemy we have on the grid, either simply by low scores, killing him in less than X turns or doing it with a stroke of the pen to prevent him from recovering. A constant sting that lasts for hours if you don’t set an alarm to warn you of the precious time you’re wasting.

Best of all, it’s paid for , and that’s the equivalent of not having to deal with the damn lives and the pertinent waits between games. If you want to look at yourself and go to bed at dawn, seeing colors everywhere when you close your eyes, the only thing that will stop you is sleep.