The iOS interface in the car is filtered

We talked about the iOS function in the car at length in Applesupportphonenumber. There have been many articles about the integration of iOS into car entertainment systems , from models that will soon implement it to an in-depth analysis of what this functionality means.

Well, an iOS developer has managed to access the iOS interface in the car , to everyone’s surprise, through the iOS simulator. Remember that when it is finally presented, we will be able to control from our car screen the Maps, Messages, phone calls and music.

The iOS interface in the car is filtered
The iOS interface in the car is filtered

Until now, no one had been able to access iOS in the car because it was locked or incomplete within the iOS 7 code , but it seems that things are maturing, and the iOS 7.1 betas have a slightly functional version of the interface, but are still far from ready.

The most important thing is that warns us before starting the GPS navigation that we should not take our eyes off the road , and be careful not to get distracted by the screen.

What we find most shocking is that this interface is quite different from the one Apple showed us from iOS in the car at WWDC , or from the one we can see on their website, which is the one that accompanies the first image of this article.

As we can see from the images in the gallery below, Apple has moved the horizontal status bar to vertical position, which gives more space on the smaller screens of some cars. But will Apple or the manufacturers really adapt and won’t they be the ones to license the technology imposed by Apple, as it is already the case with the iOS 7 controllers?

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