the iOS emulator for playing Game Boy and Super Nintendo

Los emuladores definitivos de Nintendo DS para iPhone y iPad

Desde iPadizate estamos deseando probar este nuevo emulador Delta para iPhone y iPad , sin duda será una herramienta ideal para rememorar momentos mágicos jugando a juegos como Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Pokémon, o el mítico Zelda.

the iOS emulator for playing Game Boy and Super Nintendo
the iOS emulator for playing Game Boy and Super Nintendo

Delta is a new retro emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch created by Riley Testut. It is currently in beta, but already allows players to enjoy titles from Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and other platforms.

According to the developer himself, who released his second beta version just yesterday, this iOS emulator still contains a number of bugs and errors that he is trying to fix little by little.

For those of you not familiar with the subject, Delta is the natural successor to the popular GBA4iOS emulator, which is no longer available and had support for Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games.

The interest of iPhone and iPad users in this project is very high. The first beta version received more than 10,000 applications when only 80 were available for testers and 40 for the press.

As reported via iDB, Delta’s gameplay in iOS is very fluid and runs at normal speed.

As for its user interface, it is quite simple but intuitive and easy to explore . On the other hand, all the functionalities seem to work correctly.


  • Importing games from other applications via “Open in…”.
  • Import of .zip files.
  • Share games via 3D Touch.


  • The iPhone Plus models correctly display 3 games per line.
  • Update of the application icon and the main image.
  • The configuration settings of players 2-4 are temporarily disabled.


  • Fixed the hang up when opening games on 32-bit devices.
  • Fixed MFi control elements in SNES games.


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