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The iOS 9 exit is here!

Today is the day chosen by Apple to launch the final version of iOS 9 , the new operating system for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that will accompany us during the next year. Apple announced in the event of last September 9th that the launch would take place today 16th, but did not confirm the exact time. Would you like to know what time it will be released in your country? Keep reading and you will find out.

Apple is not a company that usually advances its plans publicly, but it is a company of customs and traditions. That is why we can look back and deduce the time of the launch of iOS 9 in Spain and other countries thanks to what they have done in previous years .

When can we upgrade to iOS 9 in Spain and other countries?

The iOS 9 exit is here!
The iOS 9 exit is here!

As in previous years, Apple announced that iOS 9 would be available from September 16th along with the introduction of the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple TV 4 and the new iPad Pro. Repeating the strategy of previous years, the firm announced the day of the launch, but not the time from which it will be available. Luckily, and as we said, we can get an idea of Apple’s plans thanks to what happened in previous years.

What time will the new iOS 9 be available for download? If the company repeats the steps of previous times (which is very likely), the new operating system will be available from 10 am Pacific Time (the local time of Cupertino, where Apple’s headquarters are located). This means that, in the case of Spain and Western Europe, iOS 9 will be available from 19:00 (18:00 in the case of the Canary Islands, UK or Portugal) and between 12:00 and 14:00 in the case of South America.

iOS 9 departure time in countries around the world

Below we leave you with the probable launch time of iOS 9 in different countries around the world :

  • Germany: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Argentina: Wednesday 14:00.
  • Australia: Thursday 2:30 / 3:00.
  • Belgium: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Bolivia: Wednesday 13:00.
  • Brazil: Wednesday 14:00.
  • Bulgaria: Wednesday 20:00.
  • Canada: Wednesday 10:00 / 14:30.
  • Chile: Wednesday 14:00.
  • China: Thursday 1:00.
  • Colombia: Wednesday 12:00.
  • Denmark: Wednesday 19:00.
  • El Salvador: Wednesday 11:00.
  • Spain: Wednesday 19:00.
  • France: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Greece: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Guatemala: Wednesday 11:00.
  • Holland: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Honduras: Wednesday 11:00.
  • Hong Kong: Thursday 1:00.
  • India: Wednesday 22:30.
  • England: Wednesday 18:00.
  • Italy: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Jamaica: Wednesday 12:00.
  • Japan: Thursday 2:00.
  • South Korea: Thursday 2:00.
  • Mexico: Wednesday 12:00.
  • Morocco: Wednesday 18:00.
  • Nicaragua: Wednesday 11:00.
  • Norway: 19:00.
  • New Zealand: Thursday 5:00.
  • Paraguay: Wednesday 13:00.
  • Peru: Wednesday 12:00.
  • Portugal: Wednesday 18:00.
  • Puerto Rico: Wednesday 1:00 p.m.
  • Dominican Republic: Wednesday 13:00.
  • Russia: Wednesday 21:00 / Thursday 5:00
  • Sweden: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Switzerland: Wednesday 19:00.
  • South Africa: Wednesday 19:00.
  • Thailand: Thursday 00:00.
  • Taiwan: Thursday 1:00.
  • Turkey: Wednesday 8:00.
  • Uruguay: Wednesday 14:00.
  • USA: Wednesday 9:00 / 13:00.
  • Venezuela: Wednesday 12:30.
  • Vietnam: Thursday 00:00.

Of course these hours are indicative and the company may surprise us with a change of schedule in the launch of the new operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch; although, frankly, it does not seem at all likely that something like this will happen.

To make the wait a little more enjoyable, you can start preparing your device for the upgrade by making a full backup of the device and checking that your cables are in perfect condition.

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