The iOS 8.1.1 Upgrade will return 500 MB of space

The new iOS 8.1.1 update and its benefits and “drawbacks”

We know, the new space available is by no means the main reason to upgrade to the latest iOS update, 8.1.1, which actually came out only yesterday, but it’s at least another reason why you can’t stay without upgrading your device.

Yes, we are also aware of the many problems that iOS 8.1. gave users in its early days, but the truth is that Apple has been able to respond in time and correct them. If you are still concerned about this, we offer you our impressions on the newest version of iOS, which basically includes some small improvements and superior performance on devices such as the iPhone 4S or the iPad 2, the latest Apple devices to support iOS 8.

The iOS 8.1.1 Upgrade will return 500 MB of space
The iOS 8.1.1 Upgrade will return 500 MB of space

The new update also improves the battery life , which now doesn’t run out so easily and gives much more of itself, which means more time to play, take photos, communicate, etc., without having to worry about the charger. Also, some problems related to the organization of extensions , which if you varied it was not saved and the next time you accessed it it was in the initial state. On the other hand, previously there were some problems in iCloud Drive , which didn’t work. These have now also been perfectly resolved.

Although if what stops you right now to make the jump to the last version of Cupertino’s company OS is not being able to have jailbreak , in iPadizate we gather in an article in what state is currently the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1. We invite you to read it, although we advance you that at the moment Pangu is not possible to use it.

An upgrade that gives you back storage space

The truth is that the company has been widely criticized for selling devices with 8 GB and 16 GB capacity and asking users for significant space to be able to upgrade to the new versions. For this reason it seems that the company has decided to offer users of the latest version of its mobile OS an extra space of 500 MB, which in some cases it seems that the figure could even be higher.

The iPhonehacks team decided to check it out with their own eyes and indeed what we mentioned here is fulfilled, they report:

“After hearing about it from several readers last night, I tried it on a couple of iPads I own, and in both cases after updating the available storage space it grew considerably. My iPad Mini 3 went from 7.5 GB to 7.9 GB free. My iPad Air 2 went from 40.9GB to 42.8GB.

iPad Mini 3, the latest update to Cupertino’s smallest tablet

Of course, on large capacity devices, such as those with 64 GB or 128 GB of space, the extra 500 MB may be a trifle, but we’re sure more than one of our readers will appreciate the extra space.

Did you already update to iOS 8.1.1? Did you notice that the free storage space increased? Tell us in the comments!

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