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The iOS 14 camera trick you have to try

6 funciones de iOS 14 que Apple ha “tomado prestadas” de Android

iOS 14 ha venido con un montón de novedades que han perfeccionado como hacía generaciones que no pasaba el sistema operativo móvil de los de Cupertino. Nuevos widgets, posibilidad de hacer PiP, una nueva app de traducción o la nueva Biblioteca de apps son algunas de las mejoras más notables de esta nueva versión del sistema, pero cabe no olvidar que Apple siempre implementa un montón de novedades escondidas como los selfie espejo en Ajustes , que ofrecen pequeñas mejoras que hacen de nuestro dispositivo uno mejor.

The iOS 14 camera trick you have to try
The iOS 14 camera trick you have to try

A feature that has been missing on the iPhone in recent years and has been in Android for some time now is the so-called “mirror” selfies. This is because in iOS, when you take a picture with the front camera, the capture appears upside down from how we looked on the screen when we took it. This creates a sense of bewilderment, as our brain does not see us the same way and the perception of the image is different from what we expected.

Until now, if we wanted to invert the image so that it would appear as we saw it on the screen, we had to refer to a third party app or the edit option in Photos to be able to turn the image. iOS 14 comes to the rescue to finally fix this little problem. This is a new option called Reflect front camera , and it will allow us to make selections as if in a mirror with our front camera.

To activate this new option we simply have to follow a few simple steps, thus allowing our selfies to be identical to what we see on screen.

These are as follows:

  • 1º We open Adjustments.
  • 2º In Settings we go to the option Camera.
  • 3º In the section Composition we slide the toogle that says Reflect front camera.

That’s how simple it is to have our mirror selfies active, and if at any time we want to go back to the old inverted selfies we simply have to go back to this same menu and deactivate the option.

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