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The iOS 13.2 update is blocking some users’ HomePods


UPDATE: Apple has temporarily removed the update from the HomePod to iOS 13.2 momentarily.

The iOS 13.2 update is blocking some users’ HomePods
The iOS 13.2 update is blocking some users’ HomePods

In the last few hours Apple has released the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod. This new version brings a number of new features to Apple’s smart speakers such as the multi-user support and Handoff. However, it seems that some users are having problems upgrading their HomePod , so much so that they have been left with a speaker that no longer works and needs to be taken to an Apple Store.

Different users on Twitter and forums like Reddit are reporting the problems they are having with the HomePod after updating it. Apparently for some it has become completely useless, that is, it has stopped working. Some report that a red light appears on the top of the HomePod , although nothing can be done, it only serves as an indication that something is wrong.

What choice is there? Not much. There is no way to factory reset the HomePod at home , as it cannot be connected by cable to the computer and it obviously no longer connects to the iPhone or iPad.

The Apple Support Twitter account recommends contacting technical support to find a solution. That solution is to take the HomePod to an Apple Store or authorized provider, as the user himself has no way to fix it.

On AppleiOS 13.2 for HomePod now available: How to upgrade and what’s new for the Apple speaker

We’ll see if Apple decides to withdraw the update in the next few hours or if it was just a few very specific and really isolated cases. Several Apple readers have reported that the update is still downloading and not installed, maybe Apple is slowing it down. Let’s remember that recently something similar happened with the iPadOS 13.2 beta on the iPad Pro, although in that case the user could restore it from a computer and it was a beta and not a final version.


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