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The inventor of the iPad is now the Hardware Leader in Misfit Wearables

A senior Apple employee moves to the Misfit team

It seems that Misfit Wearabes is getting ready to give a big push on hardware, this could be confirmed with a major new hire. This is Josh Banko, one of the senior managers of the engineering team that led the team that created the iPad as Vice President of Hardware. After Banko joined Misfit in early July, his main work is focused on building an engineering team for the company, including a group of people with experience in mechanics and electronics, as well as good programmers.

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The inventor of the iPad is now the Hardware Leader in Misfit Wearables
The inventor of the iPad is now the Hardware Leader in Misfit Wearables

This former Apple employee may be able to take the company to the top, as his latest work was the new Mac Pro with a cylindrical design, which has been very well received by the company’s fans. At the moment Misfit has launched two products on the market, the new and attractive intelligent Misfit Shine bracelet, which will monitor us during our sports activity, and the Beddit sleep monitor. According to the company, so far they have sold more than 400,000 units of Shine.

Misfit has big plans for the future

The seamless design of the Misfit Shine is perhaps what sets it apart from most other wristbands on the market that measure sporting activity. It is also the smallest of all and has a very elegant metallic design, so it is something we can wear on a daily basis and even dress up in a stylish suit. Even so, the company seems to have enough ideas to improve the product and continue offering the same features as its competitors or even more.

Josh Banko, although unable to say anything about what the company is planning, has confirmed that the company is undoubtedly preparing a big surprise for us by the end of this year. This raises the question of whether the company would be behind a new version of the Misfit Shine or would dare to explore new markets, such as the current Beddit, which is a device that is placed under the pillow to monitor people’s sleep at all times.

Misfit has already raised over $23 million from all its investors, including Horizon Ventures, Founders Fun and Khosla Ventures. In addition, a few years ago, their profit increased thanks to the investment of 850,000 dollars they made in their indiegogue campaign, where they were only asking for 100,000 dollars of investment for the Misfit Shine.

As we can read in venturebeat, Banko has said that one thing he learned at Apple was to push the limits of things and not restrict what users want. He also said that he is going to take that mentality to Misfit and make a unique product that will convince all consumers.